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Monica Black works magic with dogs. Her approach is fast, fun and helps you to develop a balanced relationship with your dog. Here’s why…


“Every dog is different. You need to get inside the dog’s mind and discover what motivates him or her to respect you, respond to you, bond to you in a healthy way… and want to please you.”

Is your dog…

  • Barking excessively?
  • Biting people or other dogs?
  • Jumping, chewing or pottying in the house?
  • Pulling on the leash?
  • Disobeying your commands?

If so, we can help. At Marin County Dog Training we’re professional dog trainers and helping people with their dogs is both our business and our passion.

Got a family dog?

We teach you how to stop your dog’s behavior problems. You’ll also learn how to develop a more satisfying relationship with your companion and how to communicate with your dog so that commands are both understood and have meaning.

Let me show you what’s possible at our first meeting.

We are currently offering a FREE consultation, evaluation and temperament test for your dog. But we only take 20 new clients a month. And we’re very selective about who we work with.

We work with dog owners who are serious about transforming their dog’s behavior.

If this sounds like you, then DON’T WAIT to lock-in one of the 20 spots.

Owner Monica Black has a passion for helping dogs and their owners develop a balanced relationship.
Marin County Dog Training Testimonial

Lucky To Have Such Great Trainers…

Very happy with our experience. “Tito” learns a lot each lesson and so do we! Lucky to have such great trainers that even care for him while we are out of town. 

Mary Hernandez

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