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Marin County Dog Training Testimonial 1

Well Worth The Money…

Best thing we ever did for our dog! We went through two other training programs before this. She listened great in the house, but her nose would take over outside. She would not listen to any commands and had no recall. It is an investment, but well worth the money! We now get compliments all the time about how good our dog is!

Debra Kane, Sausalito-California


Sandra Messing Marin County Dog Training

Lucky To Have Such Great Dog Trainers Near Me…

Very happy with our experience. “Tito” learns a lot each lesson and so do we! Lucky to have such great trainers that even care for him while we are out of town.

Mary Hernandez & "Tito"


dog training in marin county success story

Monica Black Literally Saved My Dog’s Life…

After three bites, some of the other dog trainers suggested we put him to sleep. It’s been two years since we’ve worked with Monica and Doogie has been a perfect angel. No more biting and no more barking.

Martin Chou

Owners of "Doogie", San Rafael, California

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